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Introducing Mango

We’re really proud to introduce Mango.

Mango is a startup that we’ve had in our minds for quite some time now, and after lots of work, we can  now fully concentrate all our energies, strengths and dedication into it. That’s why we wanted to share this news with you here.

For a long time now, our team has built wonderful products for clients around the globe. Many of them involved or were related to e-commerce.

We were shocked by the lack of high quality and simple products in Latin America focused on online and mobile payments, shipping, sales and stock management… basically, all the tools needed in order to run a business that’s fully focused on selling via e-commerce solutions. So soon we realized that without those tools we wouldn’t be able to help our clients as we wanted.

Electronic commerce activity in Latin America is astounding. The region shows growth rates as high as 45% year over year, one of the most important at a worldwide level. It’s expected that in 2014 it will represent a market of $80 billion. There’s an explosion of startups, mid-sized and big companies betting on e-commerce as a central part of their business model and creating products based on an online/mobile strategy.

Nonetheless, the technology available to support that growth is really far from being optimal. Lots of companies that could be using the Internet as a way to sell their products and services are not doing so, because of bureaucratic, administrative but most of all, technological barriers.

And that’s where Mango comes into play. Our objective is, through technology and services, to make the experience of selling and buying via online/mobile solutions as simple, beautiful and transparent as possible for everyone involved in the process. Something that today, is really far from being a reality.

To accomplish that, we’ve raised an investment round from european VC firm Kima Ventures and from strategic angel investors such as Adrian Kolonski (Corporate Corp, Ken Brown products manufacturer), Reuben Katz (GeekList) and Eric Friedman (Foursquare).

In addition to these investors, we also have the support of strategic advisors as Marcelo Ricci (Corporate Corp, Ken Brown products manufacturer), Weston McBride (FounderSoup) and Guillermo Rauch (creator of, published author, and CTO at Cloudup, recently acquired by Automattic).

If there’s something we’re highly proud of, is the amazing team behind Mango, that has been working together on important projects for years:

Ignacio Ricci (VP of Product), Jonathan La Banca (CIO), Juan Rossi (Backend Dev), Dan Zajdband (Lead Frontend Development), Andrés Tarantini (Lead Backend Development), Aldana Otero (Administration and Finances) and Pablo Sánchez (CEO).

It’s an incredible pleasure to work with such a great team, and pursuing such an important objective for our region: to help e-commerce in Latin America grow in an unparalleled level and make the lives of each one of the parts involved in that process much easier through technology.

At this moment we’re on a Private Beta, so if you wish to receive news about Mango, you can subscribe to our mailing list entering your email here, or by following our Twitter account.

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