Frequently asked questions

Know more about Mango, the payment industry and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Payment industry

What is a merchant?

Credit card issuers identify as a merchant the organizations that hire their services. These organizations are the ones who accept payment card payments and can be either companies or individuals.

What is a merchant account?

When a company or individual becomes a merchant, they receive a number. This number, acts an identifier of the store, and is related to its transactions. Organizations receive one number per issuer. You need your own merchant account in order to accept real transactions with Mango.

Present realm .vs non present

A merchant can operate under two realms: present and non present. Present realm refers to the case where the customer holds the credit card plastic "face to face" with the store representative and pays via a POS terminal by magnetic stripe or chip.

Non present realm refers to the digital realm. Payment through the Internet where the store representative is not present to see the customers credit card.

Certain issuers have policies where the merchant accounts for each realm are different and the hiring process is completely independent.

How do I get my merchant account?

You can get your merchant account with the issuers directly.

However, Mango as part of its service (currently only available in Argentina) handles the paperwork necessary to help the organization to get its merchant accounts.

About Mango

The company
What is Mango?

Mango is a technological partner for companies, organizations, government agencies, NGO's and any other entity that needs to accept payments on their platforms or applications.

Who can use Mango?

Mango is tailored for projects and organization who need a professional solution to accept payments in a transparent and simple way. Retail, services, donations, startups, you name it.

In which countries is Mango available?

Mango is available in Argentina. Additionally Brasil and Colombia are currently on private beta for select developers and organizations. We are working hard to reach all latin america soon!

Is there a mininum charge amount?

Yes, but it depends on the business type and it's analized case by case.

Can I accept micropayments?

Mango wants to be able to accept payments under any scenario, and we'd like to offer this in a near future. Unfortunately we cannot provide our service for micropayments right now.

Can I accept installments?

Yes. Mango even calculates the corresponding interest rates according to the transaction amount, the installment quantity and the credit card issuer.

Which currencies does Mango support?

Mango accepts the local currency of the store. In Argentina, pesos argentinos. In Brasil, Reais. Etc.

However, merchants can accept payments from anywhere in the world. The customer will pay in their own currency with the corresponding daily conversion rate.