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Features for

Mango is full of features specifically designed for e-commerce owners, NGO's, government institutions and organizations with multiple needs regarding payment acceptance.

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for developers

Mango provides a REST API to be able to integrate a payment solution in your application.
We provide libraries and SDK's in multiple languages to make your work even easier.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. 1
    Where is Mango available?

    Currently in Argentina and in beta for Brazil & Colombia. In the following months we'll include more countries, and eventually all Latin America.

  2. 2
    Which payment methods can I accept?

    Payment methods vary by country. Check each country's website in order to know the methods your organization can accept there.

  3. 3
    Do I need a merchant account?

    Yes. Mango operates with your own merchant account, which allows us to provide great features, including not touching your money.

  4. 4
    Does it work on native mobile apps?

    Yes. Mango works on smartphone native mobile applications using Android and iOS.

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