In Mango, the safety of stored and transmited information is very important. That's why we handle it with care.


Information security

Mango takes the utmost precautions when storing the organization's sensible information and the information of its customers.

  • Information ciphering

    Credit card information is stored using the most advanced ciphering methods available. Mango uses techniques involving multiple ciphering keys saved in different servers.

  • Integrity

    It's very important to have the certainty that all the information transmited in our network is safe. That's why all our information is transmited using a secure connection (SSL).

  • PCI* Compliance

    (*Payment Card Industry) Mango complies with all the requirements of the PCI-DSS security standard, which confirms our commitment to safe-keeping your, and your customer's, information.

  • Incident tracking

    Mango constantly researches for reported security incidents around the world, in order to get immediately covered in case there is a new risk around the corner.

Infrastructure security

Mango's infrastructure was designed to guarantee that all the access to our servers complies with high standard security policies.

  • Monitoring

    Mango's servers are audited and controlled 24/7 with multiple tools and a group of specialized professionals in order to provide always a smooth service.

  • Segregation

    The servers that store sensible credit card information are completely segregated from services exposed to the internet. Additionally, all the information sent to payment processors is done via a static "whitelist".

  • Replication

    Mango's stored credit card information is replicated and protected to ensure that critical situations such as natural disasters or other events won't incur in data loss.

  • Analysis

    All Mango's infrastructure is analized periodically by specialized professionals with the aim of checking that everything is always working smoothly.