Terms and conditions

Entities & participants

The entities and participants in these terms are::

The service

MANGO provides its technology (software or hardware), which he has intelectual property over it, to THE USERS, to allow them to create a virtual store (THE STORE).

THE STORE created can operate on two methods: "Sandbox" or "Live". "Sandbox" will be available automatically when THE STORE is created, and will allow THE USES to make tests and get accustomed to the application. Using the "Sandbox" mode does not have any costs associated for THE USERS or THE STORE.

When MANGO activates THE STORE, it will be able to use the "Live" mode. This mode gives THE STORE the opportunity to accept real credit and debit card (and other payment options) transactions in the non-present card realm. The transactions made by THE STORE on the "Live" mode will be charged by MANGO in concept of licensing.

MANGO has the right to change or modify its software/hardware total or partially, as well as its service providers according to his own criteria or business needs. The changes made by MANGO that it considers relevant (regarding the use or treatment of information), will be notified to THE USERS via email. The act of making these changes public, means an automatic agreement from part of THE USERS.

Intelectual property and licensing

The technology and application provided by MANGO to THE STORE and THE USERS belong to MANGO and owns intellectual property over it.

Once THE STORE is activated, it will receive a license that it's payed "by usage". This license is payed monthly (month end) and its price varies according the usage of the application. THE STORE is has strictly prohibited to share or give its license to any third party, without previos authorization from MANGO.

Information treatment
THE USERS and THE STORE's information


All the information present from THE STORE and THE USERS in MANGO's application are of their own property.

Use and responsibility

MANGO is commited to not sharing THE STORE's or THE USERS information with third-parties without previous authorization. However, MANGO will share information in the following cases:

Additionaly, MANGO protects the integrity of THE USERS and THE STORE's information according to the article number 5 of the Argentine Law Number 25.326 of Personal Information Protection.

THE CUSTOMERS information


THE STORE is the owner of the information of THE CUSTOMERS and not MANGO. MANGO stores their information BY REQUEST from THE STORE when using the application.

THE STORE has the ability, while the access to the application remains available, to add, edit, change or delete THE CUSTOMERS or its own information.

Use and responsibility


Additionally, MANGO will not share information related to THE CUSTOMERS for any commercial objectives. MANGO will only share their information with third-parties in the following cases:

MANGO'S information

THE USERS and THE STORE commit themselves to not share confidential information shared with MANGO or any of its staff to any third-parties. In case of doing this, MANGO may refuse to keep providing its services and claim the corresponding damages.

Account creation

The account creation in the application implies and autommatic acceptance of these terms and implies that the person is of 18 years of age or older.

Moreover, the acceptance of these terms, imply the consentment requested in the article number 5 of the Argentine Law Number 25.326 of Personal Information Protection.

After creating an account, the person will be considered one of THE USERS. THE USERS in virtue of the information contained in the article number 6 of the Argentine Law Number 25.326, are informed and rectify that their personal information will be used to identify them as clients and to be able to activate THE STORE in the future. In the case that the information provided to create the account (or later) are false, MANGO can automatically delete the account, and THE USERS cannot make any complains in relation to this action.

THE USERS authorize that MANGO keeps their personal information in virtue of the article number 25 of the Argentine Law Number 25.326 of Personal Information Protection.

Last but not least, THE USERS commit themselves to not use this service to create any illicit, inmoral or restricted activities

Personal password

The access to the application provided by MANGO to THE USERS, will consist of a username and password choosed by each of THE USERS.

MANGO will take into consideration all the rules, requirements and best practices for THE USERS password to be as safe as possible. However, THE USERS are the only responsibles of keeping their password safe from the use of third-parties. MANGO won't be responsible of any improper or faulty use of the application occured by the theft of THE USERS password.

MANGO's standing

MANGO is not a finnancial institution. It doesn't handle THE STORE's or THE CUSTOMERS money under any concept or circumstance.

MANGO is not connected to any commercial or legal relationship between THE STORE, THE ISSUERS, THE GATEWAYS or THE CUSTOMERS.

In that matter, MANGO will never have commercial or legal liability regarding:

THE STORE is the only responsible of all the cancelled or reverted charges, no matter which reason,.

MANGO will provide THE STORE and THE RESPONSIBLE a service and will charge them for it, eliminating the figure of any associations.

MANGO will never receive or deliver funds that belong to THE STORE or any of the parties involved in this agreement. MANGO will only invoice and receive payment related to the service provided.


MANGO will never be responsible, which THE USERS, the RESPONSIBLE and THE STORE agree, regarding data loss, indirect or accidental moral damage in relation to THE CUSTOMERS, THE ISSUERS, THE GATEWAYS and other participants. This extends to: a) damage to the personal property, in any nature, as a result of using the service b) any unauthorized access or use of the service servers c) any interrumption or cease of service connectivity d) any software error, virus, troyans or harmful code e) any errors regarding the transmission of content and information f) any finnancial loss as a consecuence of the damages mentioned previously.

Additionally, THE USERS, THE RESPONSIBLE and THE STORE commit themselves to inform THE CUSTOMERS about the contents of the Argentine Law Number 25.326 and if applicable the consent required by the article 25 section 2) of the mentions law. In case of ommiting this requirement, THE USERS, THE RESPONSIBLE and THE STORE, will leave MANGO, its directors, shareholders, or related companies completely inmune to any misuse of this information.

MANGO might suggest procedures or security controls to THE STORE in order to reduce its fraud risks. These controls may include tools or technologies developed by MANGO or third-parties.

THE STORE accepts the responsibility of protecting their business and unauthorized transactions via all the tools at its disposition, whether this tools are provided by MANGO or not.

Not taking action of necessary precautions by THE STORE increases its risk against fraudulent activity.

THE STORE is responsible of the loss or theft of information when THE CUSTOMERS buy their products or services. MANGO won't be responsible of losses related to the use of the service.

Additionally, in spite of MANGO monitors and develops and uses security tools to prevent fraud, is technically impossible for MANGO to guarantee the prevention in 100% of the incidentes.

In case third-parties are able to defeat or counter the security meassures and are able to access personal information of THE CUSTOMERS, THE USERS or THE STORE for unethical ends, accept that they provided their information to MANGO under their own judgement, and will not held MANGO responsible of any damages related to the incident.

Nonetheless, in case an incident occurs, MANGO will colaborate with THE STORE and THE RESPONSIBLE providing support and documentation in order to address the matter, but MANGO will never be held responsible of related economic and legal expenses.

MANGO has the right to not authorize or block any transaction that THE STORE maked that MANGO considers harmful or that violates these terms. If this happens, MANGO has the right to share the information with local or international authorities.


MANGO will do its best efforts to provide a reliable 24/7 service from the day THE STORE is activated. However, THE USERS, THE RESPONSIBLE and THE STORE acknowledge that the service sits upon a network than can be subject of service disruption or temporary failures. In that case MANGO will do everything it can to solve the issue as fast as possible. However, MANGO will not be held economic or legally accountable for any interrumptions, or service disruptions.

Moreover, MANGO will never be responsible of service disruption on cases MANGO can't control. This includes, but is not limited to, connection loss of THE ISSUERS, THE GATEWAYS or harmful intentions of THE STORE or THE USERS.

Last but not least, THE STORE and THE RESPONSIBLE cannot ask MANGO for any compensation regarding licensing fees after this occurences.

Correct implementation
THE STORE and THE USERS commit to:
Error and vulnerability reports

THE USERS commit to reporting any error or vulnerabilities found in MANGO's applications. This report should be delivered directly to support@getmango.com.
THE USERS have strictly prohibited to share this information publicly, without previous consentment with MANGO.

Activation request

THE STORE activation can only be requested by THE RESPONSIBLE using the provided form in the application. Once this request is sent, MANGO will get in touch with THE RESPONSIBLE to continue the process.

Store blocking

A blocked store means that it will not be able to accept transactions in the "Live" mode. MANGO can block THE STORE by the following reasons:

Account closure

An account closure can be requested at any time by THE USERS writing to support@getmango.com or can be done directly by MANGO.

An account closure means:

An account closure does not remove any liabilty to THE USERS of the terms specified here.

Digital acceptance

These terms are considered accepted when a person creates an account in MANGO's application and becomes one of THE USERS.

THE USERS give faith that they will not use MANGO's application to make any illicit, inmoral or prohibited activies in order to damage THE STORE or any third-party.

Unforeseeable circumstances

None of the participants (MANGO, THE USERS, THE RESPONSIBLE or THE STORE) will be held responsible of operation delays or other damages caused by fires, communication failures, public services failures, energy shutdowns, equipment failure, work conflicts, riots, wars, terrorist acts and other cases that make impossible to know the outcome or even knowing it cannot be prevented.

Modificación, renovación y aceptación tácita

MANGO has the right to change or add items to these terms in any moment, and change, delete, suspend or impose new conditions regarding software with prior notice.

In case there are changes, they will be done digitally on MANGO's website, and THE USERS will be notified via email. If there are no complaints after 15 workable days from being notified, they will be understood as accepted.

This renewal is valid for both digital and physical terms.

In case of complaints, THE USERS can close their account and THE STORE can be closed as well.


The acceptance of these terms cannot be conceded (and will be held invalid) by THE USERS, THE RESPONSIBLE or THE STORE to any third-party withouth previous written consentment by MANGO.

Jury order

MANGO will comply with any order, citation or jury that considers valid and legal. When allowed, it will do all the reasonable effors to give THE RESPONSIBLE and THE STORE notice of this circumstances by email.


The applicable law regarding this terms, will be the current law of Argentina. The court of law will be held in "tribunales ordinarios en lo civil" from the city of Buenos Aires, with complete resignation to any other jurisdictions.