Mango is here

Accepting online payments in Latin America is a complete headache.

It has been this way for years, and still is in the 21st Century, even though humanity has seen incredible technological advances decade after decade.

That’s why we started Mango a year ago.

We strongly believe that technology must enable an easier and more transparent way of accepting online payments for companies, government entities, NGOs and all kinds of organisations in Latin America.

And today we are very proud of announcing the official launch of Mango in Argentina and its Private Beta in Brazil and Colombia.

During this year we’ve been working very hard to develop an innovative product, using state of the art technology which is specially conceived and crafted for those who struggle with payments in any organisation: developers that implement online payment solutions and all the areas involved in the process: management, administration, finance and anyone who has to make a decision regarding payments.

And that’s why both the development community and the organisations as a whole will enjoy Mango’s features.

We’re working on a long roadmap of new features and products to make accepting online payments in Latin America an easier and even enjoyable experience.

We wish to extend a huge shoutout to our extraordinary team who made this possible: Silvia Vravo, Andrés Tarantini, Bruno Acselrad, Dan Zajdband, Francisco Felini, Guillermo Paz, Hernán Colmeiro, Ignacio Ricci, Jonatan Flores, Jonathan La Banca, José Luis Sarasola, Juan Rossi and Pablo Sánchez.

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We’re also very grateful for the constant support of our advisors and investors: Adrián Kolonski, Eric Friedman, Eyal Shavit, Guillermo Rauch, Kima Ventures, Marcelo Ricci, Reuben Katz and Weston McBride.

Mango also has some great partners: American Express, Decidir, FirstData, NPS and Visa who helped us greatly along the way.

If your company needed a solution like Mango in Latin America, let’s start working together.

If you are passionate about creating products that solve really hard and challenging problems, join our team now!

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